What us Level i HCPCS Coding

Level I of the HCPCS is comprised of Current Procedural Terminology (called CPT-4 or CPT), a numeric coding system maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA). The CPT is a uniform coding system consisting of descriptive terms and identifying codes that are used primarily to identify medical services and procedures furnished by physicians and other health care professionals. These health care professionals use the CPT to identify services and procedures for which they bill public or private health insurance programs. Level I of the HCPCS, the CPT codes, does not include codes needed to separately report medical items or services that are regularly billed by suppliers other than physicians.ICD-10 Training helps in correct coding

Business Ribbon Cuttings – Free Publicity and Search Engine Optimization

Do you attending ribbon cuttings? Have you ever wondered where the tradition started? They date back to the 1900’s. Business owners tied the ceremonial ribbon at the entrance of the new business. The scissors for cutting the ribbon were often kept as a keepsake. The long-winded speech by dignitaries marked it officially open.

Today, ribbon cuttings are a great way to get free publicity. It is the opportunity to write a media release. When you post your media release online, it will aid in your search engine optimization. It can also be recycled and placed on your blog, in your newsletter and various social networking sites. These places also aid in your search engine optimization.

This is also an opportunity to meet new people. Your local Chamber of Commerce will promote your ribbon cutting for free. You can also use various event tools available online for free to promote your ribbon cutting. Following your event you will want to follow up with the people that attended your event. This is an opportunity to continue the rapport-building step. You can send an email or handwritten note thanking the person for attending. You will also want to invite the person to join you on your social networking sites.

Photos taken during your ribbon cutting provide you another avenue to promote your establishment. Using the free of the internet, you will want to post the photos on your website and your social networking sites. You may also get your photo published in the next issue of your Chamber newspaper.

Improve Search Engine Rankings With This Technique

Newbies to online marketing need to know how and why they have to improve search engine rankings. It is to improve your traffic flow. Traffic is simply the number of human visitors you get to your site (yes, you do get non human visitors).

The two main components you need are:

– Good content without verbiage or hype

– Good content with important keywords

Notice the emphasis on good content. That’s really important and must not be neglected. However let’s concentrate on keywords first.

A keyword is a word or phrase entered into a search engine in an effort to get the search engine to return matching and relevant results. Many web sites offer advertising based on keyword targeting so an advertisers banner will only show when a specific keyword(s) are entered.

So now you know that your keywords have to be high on the internet surfer’s search list. However, you’ll have huge competition for the popular ones so it is best to choose keywords that are moderately popular as apposed to highly popular.

Here’s where we introduce, ‘long tailed keywords’. For example, the phrase ‘internet marketing’ is used by 640,000 of your competitors with around 138,000 people searching for it every month. However with the term ‘internet business opportunity’ you only have 8,500 competitors with a monthly search by 15,000 people.

Get the picture? Use the less popular long tailed keywords. In the above example, you are 8 times more likely to be found using the moderately popular term.

And don’t forget plurals. You may have noticed that earlier in this article I used the term ‘improve search engine rankings’ (plural). I could have used ‘improve search engine ranking’ (singular).

Both of these have a monthly search of around 8,000. Between the two that’s 16,000 people searching for those keywords. The competition for both terms combined is only 3,500.

Look for unusual spellings. For example, ‘homebased business’ has a monthly search of 10,000 while ‘home based business’ had 85,000 but with a competition count of 164,000.

You are better off employing several less popular keyword terms whose search numbers when combined are as high as one popular term. However, they will have far less competition. You will find the best terms from any of the many programs on the internet. Some free, some not. Google it – but not just now. I have an important message coming up.

Untruths and half truths.

When you write articles and blogs, were you told about long tailed keywords? If not, then that’s an untruth by omission.

And what about the tedium of all that writing? Were you told not to worry about it and just hire someone to do it for you?

I think that purchasing work written especially for you is quite a good idea. However I would re-write any of this work to give it your own style. That way you’ll always be providing original content.

Advanced Techniques in Network Marketing for a Home Based Business

The world of network marketing has advanced so much over the last several years and if you haven’t kept up with it then you may not survive! Years ago it was door to door and newspaper promotions, today it’s mostly about the internet. Wake up whenever and post an advertisement and watch for results. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It could be if you take advantage of the advanced techniques in network marketing!

Today, there are so many options to advertise your home based business but which one is right for you? Here are just a few idea’s that could help you acquire a larger residual income from your based home business opportunity.

Social Network Marketing – Have you noticed how large places like MySpace, Face Book, and YouTube have grown? These Networking social hot spots are so popular that you should be taking advantage of them. Create a profile and acquire friends some maybe interested and some may not, but does it build friendships? Of course it doesn’t. You never know, maybe one of their friends might be interested. How about creating a set of simple video’s? Millions of people log onto YouTube everyday and view video’s. Why not take advantage of it.

Create a Splash Page for your Home Based Business – Sure most business opportunities give you a free website, but really how good is a website when thousands of people have the same thing? There are plenty of free resource that you can use on the internet to create your own personal business website.

Join Forums – Search for forums that apply to your field and join them. Hang out and chat with other people that enjoy the same thing you do. Most forums allow you to have a signature file and in that signature file you can add your URL. That spells out instant advertising!

Virtual Classified Advertisements – The internet has all kinds of hot spots that you can place a virtual classified advertisement. Place a simple advertisement and leave a link to your website. By doing this you are creating two things at once! You are getting exposure to your home based business and you are getting a one way link out on the internet that will help your website in the eyes of the search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising – With the proper research, this is the fastest way to get people to your website. The techniques as so advance now that not only can you target your keywords, but you can also target your negative keywords.

SEO Techniques – When creating a splash page for your residual based business, be sure to use SEO tactics. This includes keywords, alt tags, header tags, and more. The internet is loaded with free information about search engine optimization, so why not take advantage of it.

Starting with those simple network marketing techniques can help you advance your home based business. Remember, owning a home based business isn’t always about your business. Grow your business while gaining friendships and your residual income business will reward you in the long run.